AP-Visions is dedicated to bringing you high-quality, cost-effective and intuitive management solutions for your laboratory.  We know you have many industry choices when selecting a Data Management solution for your Laboratory and it can be a daunting task.  Your time is valuable, and while we offer a significant amount of detail about AP-Visions and our products (from the menu above), we believe getting to the point is critical to saving you time.  Simply click on your point of interest below for a quick summary.

With all the industry choices you have it is important to see what a company offers you, not just the content of their products.  You purchase a product once, you rely on the company as long as you use the product.


The AP-Visions management team has been in the Laboratory Information System business for over 40 years!  Lab Data Management Solutions created by people with years of lab experience!  AP-Visions products are 4th generation Laboratory Information Systems developed by the team and incorporates that 40 years of software and laboratory knowledge.


The AP-Visions team is focused 100% on Laboratory Data Management.  That is where our expertise is and we do it well.


AP-Visions development team has been developing Laboratory Information System products for over 40 years!  AP-Visions is constantly updating and enhancing our products to keep abreast of industry changes and responding to our customers’ requirements.  Occasionally there is a desire for a feature that is not currently a product.  Our team takes these requests very seriously and, in general, the desired feature appears in the next product update.

Ease of use

While all of our products are very comprehensive, with the features expected by the modern clinical laboratory, they are amazingly easy to use.


Our products span any size clinical laboratory from the very small single instrument lab to a very large multi-facility institution.  All with the very same software!

Sales Support

Our sales support team is dedicated to ensuring we understand your specific needs and meet expectations consistent with your requirements.  Their job is not to “Sell” but to consult with you to help you determine if our products are the right fit for your lab.


We define Deployment as getting your product configured, installed, validated, your personnel trained, and supporting the product long term.

AP-Visions takes an industry-unique approach to this end.  Suffice it to say the same person that installs your product, configures your product, and trains your people IS THE SAME PERSON THAT SUPPORTS YOUR PRODUCT! They understand your workflow, your business and your people.  Support is always from a live person (the Deployment Associate) and not “Leave a message and someone, who does not understand your unique situation, will get back to you in a few days – maybe!

In addition, every customer is assigned a Project Manager whose responsibility is:  to set timelines for deployment, who is responsible for that, gather configuration information, and work with the Deployment Associate to bring things to the ultimate goal of meeting your expectations and of your lab running live.

AP-Visions offers two types of deployment:  “On-Line” where everything is done over the Internet and, “On-Site” where the Deployment Associate comes to your facility.  “On-Line” is of course the most cost effective approach and is suitable for almost all customers.

AP-Visions offers a variety of products that can meet the needs and expectations of various sized laboratories.  All products are built upon the same core software, enabling you to expand at any time.

xEmrConnect (Read More)

Designed specifically for labs that simply want to “send results to their EMR/EHR without breaking the bank.”

xLabStarter (Read More)

We call it xLab Starter because it is just that, a starter system to keep costs as low as possible.  When you need full LIS features but are just starting up a lab or you are a small single instrument lab, you need to keep costs down!  You want all of the features at the smallest possible cost.

xLab (Read More)

A full-function cost effective EMR/EHR-ready Laboratory Information System designed for the most demanding moderately and highly complex laboratories.  xLab supports as many instrument interfaces, EMR/EHR interfaces, and xLab workstations as you require for your laboratory.  In addition, xLab supports the optional Web Portal and xLab Pain Management Modules, providing the most complete Laboratory Information System available today.

Web Portal (Read More)

An Outreach Internet application that integrates with xLab, providing full remote Order Entry and Physician’s In-box.  When it’s time to grow your business with Internet-Based Outreach to your clients.

xLab Pain Management (Read More)

The xLab option facilitates complete Pain Management Reporting and Business Rules for both drug screening and drug confirmations, including support for LC/MS instruments.

Welcome to the xLab Sample Reports.

Click on either image, Sample Patient Reports or Management and Administrative Report, to get a complete indexed downloadable report booklet.   Be patient.  Depending upon your Internet speed it can take a little time for download.  You can also go to our Reports Page and focus directly on any individual report you may be interested in.


It’s All About Workflow

“With over 250 samples a day, our lab needed a system that could meet the challenge and work with our EMR vendor to make it happen. AP-Visions met that challenge and more.”  They not only worked with our EMR vendor to make it happen, they actually had the vendor make changes that allowed an efficient workflow to happen for receiving samples.” Huntington, WV.

It just works!

Amazing!  It was installed, we got trained, and now it just works!  We were expecting a long drawn out process to get our old LIS replaced but nothing could have been easier.  AP-Visions’ team configured our xLab as we needed it, installed the software, helped us validate all of our interfaces, and provided training consistent with our schedule.  Best of all, when training was done and we started using xLab, it just worked!”

Support available when you need it

“It is refreshing to speak immediately with someone who can answer my questions without being routed to half a dozen people.  AP-Visions has greatly reduced the time it takes to manage our laboratory operations.  The reports we generate from xLAB LIS are critical communication tools used in management’s decisions with regard to patient treatments and improved healthcare.  A big thumbs up from Oklahoma!”

Confirmation Lab made easy

“Thanks to AP-Visions, our pain management (confirmatory lab) can provide our physician clients with fast and accurate reporting.  We love the personal attention to our specific types of laboratory details we are faced with daily.  xLAB is easy for us to use and offers the right reports that our customers need to provide better healthcare to their patients.  It’s compatible with everything!  When you call the company you get to speak with a live person and they have been very receptive to our needs.” From California!

Developers actually listen

“It’s refreshing to see that a software developer actually listens to their clients!  We had some special unique needs for our lab and AP-Visions’ development team made it happen!  And, even though our requirements were unique, they did it at no charge and delivered in a matter of weeks.  Way to go.  Tell the team thank you.” From Florida!

Why does the xEmrConnect cost more than the xLab Starter when it has less functionality?

xEmrConnect comes with an EMR Results interface and one instrument interface; the xLab Starter does not come with an EMR Results interface.  In addition, xEmrConnect comes with 1 year support while xLab Starter comes with 90-day support.

Why doesn’t xEmrConnect come with a Reporting Module?

In most cases, xEmrConnect customers simply want all reporting handled by the EMR.  To keep costs down we make the Reporting Module an option so that, in the rare case that a customer needs inquiry and local sample reporting, they can get it.

What does a customer get if they upgrade to xLab?

Everything that xLab has to offer, including access to any and all options.

I only want one more instrument, why can’t I get it for xLab Starter?

xLab Starter is designed to be as cost effective as possible so it is available to the smallest start-up labs.  As such, while it provides all of the functionality of a full xLab system, it has limitations.  Of course anyone with the xLab Starter can upgrade at any time to xLab, giving them the ability to add multiple instruments.

I want xEmrConnect for my clinic, but I want multiple instruments and I really don’t want an LIS.

Like xLab Starter, xEmrConnect is designed to be as cost effective as possible.  xEmrConnect is an LIS but configured differently to provide an easy-to-use system with minimal “LIS-like” configuration required.  The functionality of xEmrConnect is also available in xLab, and should you require multiple instruments, upgrade to xLab.  This will give you the ability to add additional instruments and still maintain a simplified look and feel consistent with xEmrConnect.