About Us

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Marco Island, Florida, AP Visions is a global provider of clinical laboratory software solutions and connectivity.  It is a trusted world leader in clinical laboratory software solutions that optimize the clinical utility, operational efficiency and financial performance of the lab.  Our unwavering commitment to clinical data storage, moving, reporting and security is reflected in the AP-Visions brand.

At AP-Visions, we impact patient care positively by delivering the world’s best data management solutions for the clinical laboratory.  Our products can help you connect to multiple sites faster, retrieve data quicker and reduce possible staff errors.  AP-Visions’ software solutions allow you to take control over everyday challenges, helping you manage your lab with powerful and flexible tools.

Why choose AP-Visions –


AP-Visions’ development team has been developing Laboratory Information System products for over 40 years!  xLab, one of AP-Visions’ products, is the 4th generation Laboratory Information System developed by the team and incorporates that 40 years of knowledge.

Ease of use

While xLab is a very comprehensive LIS, with the features expected in the modern clinical laboratory, it is amazingly easy to use. You can take a quick tour on line and see for yourself.


xLab is suitable for any clinical laboratory from the very small single-instrument-waived lab to a very large multi-facility highly complex lab.  All with the very same software!


AP-Visions takes an industry-unique approach to getting your xLab:  Installed, configured, your people trained, and supported.  Suffice it to say the same person that installs your xLab, configures your xLab, and trains your people IS THE SAME PERSON SUPPORTING YOUR xLab!  They understand your workflow, your business and your people. Support is always from a live person (your Deployment Associate) and not “Leave a message and someone, who does not understand your unique situation, will get back to you in a few days – maybe!”
AP-Visions offers two types of Deployment: “On-Line” where everything is done over the Internet and “On-Site” where the Deployment Associate comes to your facility.  “On-Line” is, of course, the most cost-effective approach for you and is suitable for most customers.

Meet The Team –

Neal P. Flora, Managing Member:  Mr. Flora has over 25 years experience in many facets of the healthcare industry.  He served in various capacities including: CEO, VP Marketing, project management and development, IT solutions and customer support services.  Mr. Flora’s unique background and experience in technology and business provides the foundational guidance of software development and innovation for AP-VISIONS.

Email Address for Mr. Flora: nealf@AP-Visions.com

Robert Waechter, VP Marketing and Sales:  Mr. Waechter has been providing marketing, business development and sales expertise to companies in the healthcare industry for over 30 years. He is well versed in all aspects of data management for both clinical and business intelligence solutions for healthcare.

Email Address for Mr. Waechter: bobw@AP-Visions.com

Michael Adler, Director of Sales: Mr. Adler has over 20 years experience providing solutions to the Clinical Laboratory with emphasis on meeting customer expectations.

Email address for Mr. Adler: mikea@AP-Visions.com

Software Development Our software development and design team has extensive experience in software development for hospitals, physician office laboratories, toxicology laboratories, and connectivity.

Email Address for Software Development: Development@AP-Visions.com

Christopher Floyd – VP Deployment Services:  Mr. Floyd has over 20 years of lab-centric hands-on experience in a multitude of laboratory modalities including:  Workflow analysis, general lab, toxicology lab and considerable experience with a variety of clinical instruments.  Mr. Floyd will ensure that installation, training and support of your AP-Visions product meets your expectations.

Email Address for Mr. Floyd: ChrisF@AP-Visions.com

Debra A Flora – VP Support Services:  With over 15 years experience helping clinical lab customers keep their support current and resolving issues, Ms. Flora is your point of contact for all things Support Contract related.

Email Address for Ms. Flora: Debf@AP-Visions.com