How It Works

Choosing the right Data Management solution for your laboratory is a process.  You must determine:

  1. Does the solution have the features and functionality we need for our lab?
  2. Is it easy for my staff to learn and operate?
  3. When we purchase, how does the company get us up and running quickly and efficiently?

Let AP-Visions help answer these important questions.

Features and Functionality

For each AP-Visions solutions listed below there is a link to a short (about 5 minutes) On-Line “Get antiquated” demo to give you a high-level look at the product, a link to request a complete Webinar demo conducted by our staff where you can interact and ask questions, and a link to the Product Page where you can see a brief description of all of the features and functionality.  These items should answer questions 1 and 2.

xLab Laboratory Information System.    Get acquainted    Request a complete demo   xLab Product Page

xLab Pain Management Module.  Get acquainted    Request a complete demo   Pain Management Module product Page

xLab StarterGet acquainted    Request a complete demo xLab Starter Product Page

xEmrConnect. “Get acquainted”    Request a complete demo.   xEmrConnect Product Page

Web PortalGet acquainted    Request a complete demo.   Web Portal Product Page

Getting you “up and running” quickly and efficiently

When you purchase a solution from AP-Visions we assign two individuals to your account, a Project Manager and a Deployment Associate.  These people ensure your solution is up and running quickly and efficiently.

Project Manager

The Project Manager coordinates activities, sets timelines with you, gathers important information for configuration, and stays on top of all facets of your installation process including working with any external vendors like EMR.

Deployment Associate

The Deployment Associate configures your solution for you:  Your test menu, result ranges, instrument interface setup, Physician lists, Locations lists, etc. all pre-installation.  They then install your solution, trains your people, assists in any solution validation, and supports your solution.