xLab-pm (Highly Complex Labs)

An overwhelming demand for a low-cost, reliable, full function Confirmatory Pain Management System has prompted AP-Visions to develop xLab Pain Management Module. Built on the popular xLab system, the Pain Management Module provides the requisit functionality to handle all of your Confirmitory needs.

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In addition to the standard reporting that comes with xLab , the Pain Managment Module includes specific Pain Management Reports. View samples of reports

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“Our engineering staff has over 25 years in LIS and laboratory centric experience delivering affordable and reliable data management solutions” says Neal Flora, managing director.

User friendly– now defined. Our intuitive screens make it easy for you to both operate effectively as well as train new employees. It is also easily configurable for your specific practice.

Some of the Pain Management Module features include:

  • All of the features and benifits of xLab
  • Pre-Configured Drug Classes
  • Pre-Configured Drug Parents
  • Pre-Confgured Medications
  • Pre-Configured Drugs
  • xLab Patient Reports Plus
  • Specimen Validity
  • Summary Drug Report
  • Screen Drug Report
  • Order Entry with Medications Taken and Timing
  • One year support with purchase
Order Entry screen


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