xEmrConnect Is designed for the “All I want to do is get my instrument data to my EMR without breaking the bank!” practice. A very cost effective solution (under $4,000) that comes with: Your choice of Instrument Interface and your choice of EMR/EHR Results interface to your EMR/EHR system. For a modest cost, xEmrConnect can be migrated to xLab. 


Designed for:  Oncology, Urology, Pediatric clinics, as well Urgent Care facilities, xEmrConnect brings an extremely cost effective solution for moving their instrument patient results to the EMR.



There are only a few options available for your xEmrConnect.


xEmrConnect is deployed by our highly trained Deployment Associate that is responsible for your Configuration, Installation, Training and Support. You won’t be dealing with 4 different people as you will with competitive systems. The same person does it all, giving you a support lifeline to the one person who truly understands your unique requirements.  xEmrConnect is typically deployed “on-line” keeping your costs down (travel, hotel, etc.). Of course, if an “on-site” deployment is your requirement, then AP-Visions and your Deployment Associate will be happy to support your choice.


xEmrConnect comes with 1 year support. Of course additional annual support is available.