xLab Starter

xLab Starter

We call it xLab starter because it is an xLab system for the very small or startup lab. When you are small or just starting up your need to keep costs down!  xLab Starter is EMR/EHR ready, comes with one instrument interface, complete deployment, all the features of xLab and 90 days support.  All for under $3,500!  Of course annual support is available. This is NOT a stripped down version of software, it is a full xLab System!


You are just starting up or very small, you are buying or have just one analyzer, CBC, Chemistry, Screening (yes, xLab Starter supports Drug Screen results), or even POC. You need to keep costs way down but still want the features that xLab offers.


While xLab Starter has all of the features of xLab, it does have the limitations of only one instrument interface and a limited number of options.  That being said, xLab Starter can be upgraded to a xLab for a very modest price!


There are only a few Options available for the xLab Starter.