xLab Features

xLab Features and Functionality

All features and functionality below are included in all xLab Systems regardless of size!

  • Faxing
  • Email
  • Label Printing with Bar-codes
  • User definable Comprehensive Interpretive Reporting
  • User definable Calculated Results (such as GFR)
  • User definable Reflex testing
  • User definable Sample Labels
  • User definable Order entry screen conditions including;
    •          Available Tests and Panels to order
    •          What fields are required and available
    •          Defaulting of fields and even the prompt text for fields.
  • Full Demand and Automatic patient reporting, both sample and Trend (Cumulative)
  • All Reports can be Faxed, Printed, or Emailed as well as saved in a PDF format
  • Selection of Report Formats for Sample, Screen and, with the Optional Pain Management Module, quantitative Medication Summary reports.
  • Laboratory Management Reports including;
    •           Laboratory Daily Log
    •           Incomplete Work Report
    •           Test Tally Report
    •           Abnormals Report
    •           QC Reporting with Tabular only, Levy Jennings Charts only, or both!
    •           Billing Report
Tests, Results and Panels

At initial Configuration, Installation and Training, your xLab is ready to go!  Of course there are always needs that arise for additional Tests and Panels. xLab provides you with a full complement of tools to add new tests, add new results and construct panels.

  • Age/Gender specific Reference ranges and Delta Ranges including Pediatric ranges.
  • Result Types supported:
    •           Numeric
    •           Alpha (like Color, etc)
    •           Threshold (Positive or Negative based upon Cut-off
    •           Calculated (User definable Calculations like GFR)
    •           Drugs (Qualitative Confirmation, Requires the Pain Management Module)
  • Charts: Up to three Levy Jennings charts for a given control displayed
  • Tabular: Detail review of all run data for a given control material and Result
  • Condensed: List of all run data for all Results for a Given Control material
  • Reporting
    •           Instrument (one or all)
    •           Starting and Ending Run Date
    •           Control Material (one or all)
    •           Control Material procedure (one or all)
    •           Report Format (Tabular, Graphic or Both)
    •           Output to (Screen, Printer, email, Fax, or File)
  • Merge Patient
  • Purge Patient
  • Draw Lists
  • Patient Inquiry
  • Results Edit
  • Work List’s
  • Sample/Container Receiving